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Round Table Car Rally

Ahmedabad Round Table India brings to you our flagship event Blind Man Car Rally, Save the Date 25th Feb 2018 and book your spot.

This Rally is unique in its kind. It is an adventure where you take the Challenge to drive with a Blind navigator and the route map is in 'Braille'.

ROUND TABLE CAR RALLY: TSD FORMAT - A Time Speed Distance (TSD) Car Rally is not a race. - Each team minimum of two people (driver and navigator) is given a set of route directions to follow, and the speeds at which to travel the route. - The navigator will give step-by-step driving directions through a series of check points to their sighted partners behind the wheel. - The goal is to travel the correct route at correct speed, arrive at 'checkpoints' precisely on time. You are scored on how closely to correct time you arrive. - Arriving too early at a checkpoint hurts your score, as does arriving too late. It is a precision driving event with rules following along the way. - TSD rallies are run on public roads and are suitable for any regular family car. It's a friendly sport where the best competition is among friends, and results are based on who gets the least penalty points during a leg.

So what are you waiting for, dont miss out on this unique adventure where a Blind navigates while you Drive. And yes there are exciting prizes to be won as well.

Event Details

  • Starts on: Sunday, 25 Feb 2018 at 07:30 AM
  • Ends on: Sunday, 25 Feb 2018 at 12:30 PM
  • City: Ahmedabad
  • Location: Jagdish Patel Chowk
  • Event Charges: Free
  • Venue Accessibility: Contact Organizer
  • Registration Link

Organizer Details

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