A social media community that is building a global platform on mental health issues

Since 2015, Antidote, a social media community is helping people across the globe cope with mental health issues. Artidote started off as an Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook presence that shared inspirational poetry linked to art.

In 2017, the founder of Antidote, Jovanny Varela, started SnapThoughts, where members of Artidote, called Antidotees, could send across their deepest emotions and secrets anonymously. Varela would then put together the photographs on his Snapchat story. This became a place where people would come to bond, heal, express their emotions, and connect.

Varela decided to find a way to transition SnapThoughts from the Internet to real life after seeing how strong the community had become. He wanted to make it a bigger platform for mental health struggles.

Antidote founder comes to India

This weekend, Jovanny Varela, the founder of Antidote, will be in Mumbai to help followers of his Snapchat account make the change to better mental health. Varela has been traveling through Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai, sponsored by a company called ‘Under 25’.

'Under 25" is a media and entertainment organisation for the youth. Its Varela's way to spread a safe place that nurtures mental health and encourages expression in all forms.

India has the third largest Artidote community across the globe, after the United States and the Philippines. Before the event starts, members of the audience will get a chance to anonymously leave their thoughts inside a box. Varela will later read this out and start the discussion.

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