Data glasses make it easier for the deaf to handle logistics at the workplace

A new visual information system has been developed by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Germany. These glasses make it easier for deaf and hearing-impaired employees to work in logistics.

The system involves data glasses that show information relevant to the work process in the employee’s field of view. Researchers have used the technology of Augmented Reality, which combines real and virtual worlds, in the field of logistics, specifically for picking.

Data glasses enabled complete inclusion within logistics system

During picking, orders are processed by employees who retrieve products from the storage facility which are then placed at another location. This means the employee has to know where to go and what products to take. Usually, this information is written on a piece of paper or shown on a display.

By using data glasses to communicate this information, the idea is to achieve inclusion with the system. The system is meant for everyone - people with and without hearing impairments.

By replacing the paper and display solutions with data glasses, the hands of employees’ are free, giving them more freedom of movement. It also guides them to the right destination visually. The new technology has been registered under the name - ‘Pick-by-Vision’.

The technology has enabled the development of a complete system of inclusion in a logistics operation. The team has also defined an open interface to the picking app based on Android. This means the system can also be used by other companies or institutes.

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