This Kerala company aims to improve the lives of senior citizens

Grandage Services Private. Ltd, a start-up from Kerala, is coming up with a new venture to improve the lives of the elderly. It plans to offer specialised training to youngsters, who can look after senior citizens, thereby also creating job opportunities for them.

Studies show that there will be at least 40 crore people above 65 years of age, by the year 2020 in India.

Life expectancy rates are high now. People have access to good medicines and treatment. Today youngsters have to work harder so they can take care of themselves, their families, including the elderly. The start-up believes that offering such specialised training to people, who are specially and scientifically trained for taking care of elderly, will be beneficial to such families.

The company founders plan to team up with companies and other institutions. They also plan to give certificates at the end of the training so it has value.

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