Social media outraged after hungry man is beaten to death for stealing food

In a shocking incident, a man from Attapady in Kerala was beaten to death and killed by a mob because he stole some food. Madhu, a tribal, was accused of stealing rice and other food items from someone's home.

According to reports, Madhu, who was 30 years old, was caught by locals who started beating him up. The police came to take Madhu to the station and he collapsed and died on the way to the hospital

Pictures of Madhu being questioned and abused have gone viral in social media. What has increased the outrage is that many people were taking selfies and videos with Madhu being beaten up in the background. They later posted these images on social networking sites.

Madhu has apparently not eaten for many days. A criminal case has been filed against the 15 people who assaulted him.

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