Private TV channels say broadcasts for disabled people has too many challenges

Broadcasting exclusive shows for people with disabilities (PwDs) is not a prospect that private TV channels in India are open to. This is their feedback to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), which looks into the working of private TV channels in India.

The TRAI had put forward a paper asking private TV channels to air shows exclusively for people with disabilities.

Private TV channels have instead said that they are unclear how to go about implementing this. To set the trend going, private channels suggest that the official government channel Doordarshan take the lead, so others can learn.

Challenges raised

Private TV channels say making and airing shows exclusively for disabled people will be an expensive affair. They claim they have limited resources and that managing existing programming is hard enough as it is.

Another issue is that given the many languages and dialects spoken in India, makes producing exclusive shows for disabled people a difficult matter.

TV channel heads have asked the TRAI to keep matters like distribution and re-distribution of shows for disabled people be put on hold until the Accessibility Standard for TV channels is issued by the government.

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