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This travel app helps wheelchair users select the right hotel

Its called Access Earth and it aims to make travel easier for people on wheelchairs. The man behind the app is Matt McCann. A software engineer from Ireland, McCann is also a wheelchair user.

McCann decided to work on this app after he faced many challenges while trying to book accessible and wheelchair-friendly hotels when he traveled.

The app can be used to rate restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions around the world based on how accessible they are from their own experiences.

The information here tends to be genuine as it comes from people with mobility impairments. The information can be useful to others when it comes to planning their own trips.

The app has a simple format. It is a question-answer system that lists the accessibility options available at a place. All that users have to do is answer 'yes' or 'no' to questions about facilities like bathrooms, elevators, and stairs. There is also an option to write a review.

The information is vital for people who do not wish to rent a hotel with too many stairs or inaccessible toilets. At times, a hotel may be wheelchair friendly, but not offer any other facilities. This makes travel inconvenient and uncomfortable to disabled travellers.

The app aims to create an information bank for the physically disabled.

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