HSC student with 85% disability dreams of higher education

Dhruv Shirpurkar is a Higher School Certificate-HSC student and uses a wheelchair to move around as he is 85% disabled.

Getting higher education is a dream for the student of VG Vaze College in Mulund, Mumbai.

He wants to continue his studies and graduate from a university. He wants to complete his graduation in his favorite subject economics, with a specialization in Mathematics and Science.

Dhruv has been using a wheelchair since he lost his mobility over a decade due to duchenne muscular dystrophy.

The diseases causes the degeneration of muscles and affects the mobility severely.

For Dhruv, the disability is just a small hurdle and he is confident of looking beyond it to reach his target.

His dedication and focus has made his academic performance strong and although, he writes the HSC exam with help from a writer, he doesn't need the extra time that is allotted to students with disabities.

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