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A sign language session that brings stories alive for deaf kids

February 25, 2018

"Tell us a story". This is a line most parents hear from their kids at bedtime. A pleasure many deaf kids miss out on because not too many of them may have parents who are able to tell them stories in sign language. Many studies show that deaf and hard-of-hearing children benefit immensely when parents read to them in sign language.

Now leading publisher HarperCollins Children's Books has announced that it will host a session to make the world of stories come alive for deaf and hard-of-hearing kids. The first reading will be held in New Delhi at the Mount Carmel School in Sector 22, Dwarka, on 27 February.

At the event, author Deepa Agarwal will read from her latest book, 'Sacked! Folktales You Can Carry Around'. There will be a sign language interpreter present who will translate the story for the children. There will be visual cues and stickers used to make the story telling come alive further..

Every child, with or without disability, loves stories. It fuels their creativity, imagination, and helps with bonding. Its high time more sessions like these are held to make reading and story telling an inclusive experience.

Read the event details: Book reading session for kids with hearing loss

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