Baal Aadhaar cards for children below 5 years

The Aadhaar card authority in India UIDAI, has announced that a special Aadhaar card will be issued for children below the age of five years. The new card will be blue in color and is to be called 'Baal Aadhaar' card.

The card will not contain the biometric details of the child. This will be updated once the child crosses the age of five years.

Several schools across the country have made it mandatory for a child to have Aadhaar registration for admission.

The UIDAI has also announced that incase the updating of the Aadhaar is not done till the age of seven years, it may result in the suspension of Aadhaar.

How to enroll a child for Aadhaar

To get their child’s Aadhaar, parents need to visit the nearest enrolment centre, where they will fill out the form and enclose important documents with their own Aadhaar card.

For children below the age of 5 years, no biometric will be recorded and only a photograph would be sufficient.

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