Tamil Nadu government comes up with welfare rules for disabled people

The government of Tamil Nadu has drafted a set of rules regarding people with disabilities. A notification has been issued and it is open to suggestions and objections from the public within 15 days.

The draft covers rules regarding the guardianship of people with disabilities and covers aspects such as procedures, special provisions, competent authority for registration of institutions, applications, and grant of certification of registration.

Apart from this authorities are also expected to provide certificates for particular types of disabilities.

A State Advisory Board of Disabilities will be set up by the state government, which will also nominate members.

The amount of allowance paid for the non-official members of the advisory board will vary according to the place they come from. Members that are not from Chennai will be given travel allowance.

Committee will be formed at the district-level and will include collector and other ex-officio members. The rules also layout the procedure for making complaints and their handling buy the authorities.

Fund creation for disabled people

The state government will create a fund for the welfare of the disabled people and it will be named State Fund for Persons with Disabilities. This will be made up of contributions from the government as well as donations, gifts and grants for the welfare of disabled people. The fund will be managed by a three-member committee and the money will be used for financial assistance for disabled people, administrative purposes, and other expenses.

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