Rajasthan allocates just 0.5% of budget for disabled people

A recent report claims that Rajasthan allots less than 0.5 % of its total Budget every year for welfare of people with disabilities.

This comes as a shock because Rajasthan has a reputation as a state that promotes the overall development of people with disabilities.

The information comes from a latest study of the Budget and Schemes for People with Disability in the state.

The report also states that while there is an increase in the total amount of money allotted for disabled people every year, the percentage allocation from the total budget shows a declining trend.

In the financial year 2013-14, the amount allotted for disabled people was 0.22% and this has come down to a meagre 0.17 % in 2017-18.

The allocated money is mostly spent on pension schemes and that leaves a very small amount to be used employment and education promotion.

The lack of awareness about existing schemes for the welfare of the disabled people is another major issue in Rajasthan.

96% of people with disabilities are not able to receive the benefits under various schemes as they do not know about them.

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