Science must be used to enhance lives of disabled, says PM Modi

India is celebrating National Science Day on February 28 and Prime Minister Narenrda Modi asked scientists in the nation to bring new and innovative devices that will enhance the lives of disabled people in the country. He said that this can be done through artificial intelligence which will help in improving the standard of their living.

Narendra Modi was speaking at an event marking the 41st edition of ‘Mann ki Baat’ programme. He appreciated the work of scientists across the country who have put in hard work to improve science and technology for the country. He said that we must decide what these machines must do for us.

The Prime Minister also said that science and technology must be put in use to detect natural calamities early. Most of the natural disasters occur due to our negligence and we have to be more conscious. If we become careful, we can avoid such situations to a large extent.

Narendra Modi said that women of the country must lead and they have already taken charge of various spheres in life. Women in rural areas must take up more responsibilities and become part of clean energy and green jobs.

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