Age no bar when it comes to coding, proves this 82-year-old Japanese

Whenever Masako Wakamiya takes the stage, she gets a standing ovation. This 82-year-old from Japan is rocking the tech world with her programming skills. She is living proof that one is never too old to learn something new.

Ms Wakamiya decided to develop a smartphone app for the elderly after she noticed that there were not enough fun apps for senior citizens. She says that instead of focusing on ways to fight ageing, its better to focus on what is on the inside.

Her app is called Hinadan, and it asks users to decorate and arrange a series of dolls. This is for the festival of Hinamatsuri, a traditional Doll's Day celebrated in Japan. Her iPhone app Hinadan stimulates the use of memory by asking players to place the Hina dolls correctly.

Re-defining ageing on the world stage

Ms Wakamiya is such an an inspiration that she was invited to speak at the United Nations about the benefits of digital technology for the elderly.

She was also a key part of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in 2017, when she got a special mention from Apple CEO Tim Cook for being the oldest developer at the event.

Never too old to learn

Ms Wakamiya was just 18 years old and fresh out of high school when she joined a bank, and worked there as a clerk until the age of 60. She was computer illiterate when she left her job at the age of 60. But she bought one anyway to make friends and interact online. It took her just three months to learn how to use it.

She later asked software developers to create more games for the elderly, but met with a poor response. That led her to start thinking of creating one herself.

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