Disabled achiever slips into depression after plea for gas agency is rejected

In 2016, Poonam Shroti was named among 100 women achievers by the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development by the President of India. Today, she is suffering from depression after her application for LPG distributorship was rejected.

Her father has written to the government seeking justice for his daughter. Poonam, who suffers from a rare brittle bone disease, first slipped into depression and then was hospitalized.

Poonam, who has an MBA in finance, is also a motivational speaker and works for physically disabled people through her NGO Uddip Foundation.

Poonam, who lives in Bhopal, had approached the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) with an application for setting up a LPG distribution agency in Madhya Pradesh's Tikamgarh district. Her father has alleged that Poonam's application was rejected after she refused to bribe IOC officials.

Family says IOC mocked Poonam's disability

Poonam's father has also alleged that company officials made fun of her short height when she met them about her application. Upset after they made fun of her for being dwarf, Poonam, went into depression. Later she suffered a brain hemorrhage and slipped into coma.

However, IOC officials say her application was rejected as her address details were wrong. They say Poonam sought distributorship in Tikamgarh district, when she lives in Bhopal.

Doctors say that Poonam is on ventilator occasionally and is recovering now.

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