Need for public awareness on leprosy, says Vice-President of India

The Vice-President of India, M Venkaiah Naidu has spoken out about the need for greater public awareness on leprosy in India.

He said this during the event to mark the International Gandhi Award 2017, which was presented to two experts, Dr M.D. Gupte and Dr Atul Shah, for their contribution in the field of leprosy.

The award is given in memory of the services and scientific approach that Mahatama Gandhi offered towards leprosy.

The two doctors have been working in the field of providing care and elimination of leprosy in India.

As per data, 83,000 leprosy cases were reported in the country during 2012-13 and the numbers have increased over time due to lack of awareness.

Naidu also said that the health care services should focus on early detection of leprosy and provide for appropriate treatment to the patients in time.

Due to social stigma and lack of awareness, most cases remain unreported or are reported when the disease has advanced, and that results in disability and suffering for the patient.

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