Lack of Aadhaar deprives disabled man of pension for 7 months

This is yet another instance of how the lack of an Aadhaar card is depriving the disabled population in India of their rightful due.

26-year-old Vijay Dhamija from Sonepat in Haryana cannot get an Aadhaar card made as he has no fingers. He has not received his disability pension for the past seven months because authorities have said he can get it only if he provides an Aadhaar card. Vijay has a disability of over 60% and is entitled to a benefit of Rs 1,800 a month.

Vijay says he has been to local and district-level Aadhar Kendras for a card, but he has been unable to get one. This is because they have no facility for disabled people. He tried at an E-disha Kendra in Sonepat and faced rejection here as well. These frequent trips have led to his health becoming worse.

Frustrated and angry, Vijay made a formal complaint at the Haryana Chief Minister's office in December. He was given some assurances, but so far no one has visited him to check on him.

Vijay’s sister is also disabled and their family income is low. His disability pension was a big source of support. They are deprived of everything, even ration.

This is just one of many instances of people being denied basic services due to the lack of an Aadhaar card.

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