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Teenager with Asperger syndrome creates the most amazing maps

Matej Hosek is in love with maps. And his love knows no boundaries. Such is his love that this 13-year-old boy with Asperger's syndrome is creating some remarkably sophisticated maps!

Matej’s mother Michaela Hoskova thinks that her son's extraordinary talent is God-given, especially given his disability. Matej had a bad childhood and he would spend most of his time crying miserably. His entire family, including younger sister Sofia, would face cruel comments from neighbours. They would bang on their walls and get angry with the family after hearing Matej's cries.

It was during one such episode that Michaela gave Matej a map to stop him from crying. The approach worked and led him to discover this passion.

Soon, the young boy started to ask for trams and underground in order to get hold of maps. Matej drew an imaginary underground map for the Welsh capital. Soon, he drew other cities and the metro plans improved.

Kids who suffer from Asperger's syndrome have problems with verbal communication, but they can understand things from pictures. Matej needs an assistant in school as he suffers from depression and anxiety. But give him a map, and those blues disappear!

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