When it comes to jobs for disabled people, Indian businesses are still far behind

A recent survey has found out that Indian companies have to go a long way when it comes to giving jobs to disabled people. This is even though India's business potential has risen globally. Compared to 2016, India's ranking in the world business arena rose by 30 points in 2017.

The study into job opportunities for disabled people in India was done by Praxis, which is a development support organization.

Things have improved somewhat in the last few years with more organizations showing a willingness to employ groups that are vulnerable to discrimination and stigma. Many companies have started looking at women and persons with disabilities as vulnerable.

Experts say that there is a need to build greater conversation about disabled people so they get attention in the job market.

On the whole, companies are not ready to take a broader role in battling inequality. A drastic change is needed for this to happen.

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