Skin care tips for a safe Holi

The festival of color, Holi is here, and markets can be seen flooded with water guns ’pichkaris’, and powder colors. Holi is a Hindu festival but is enjoyed by people all over India.

We would like to remind you to be careful with your skin and eyes while playing Holi.

So do keep these things in mind when you step outside to play with the colors this year.

• Apply oil to hair before they are damaged by the colors. Oil protects hair and also makes it easier to remove the color afterwards.

Apply a thick layer of coconut, almond oil on hair.

• Holi is played in the outdoors and this makes it necessary to apply sunscreen on face and hands for protection from sunlight.

• Apply lip balm on the lips as chemicals in the colors can damage their sensitive surface.

• Avoid getting a skin treatment done when Holi is near. Waxing, bleaching can make skin more sensitive to colors and sun.

Remember to use only good quality colors and do not waste water this year. Have a safe and happy Holi!

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