Disabled voters finally get to cast their vote in Meghalaya elections

For the first time disabled people were able to cast their vote in the constituency elections at Rangsakona in Meghalaya.

This is a sign of the commitment shown by the Election Commission in enabling every Indian citizen to vote. Among the voters was Supurity Marak from Dorambokgre, who cast her vote for the first time in 17 years. Marak had not been able to visit a polling station for close to two decades after she became paralysed.

Special care and facilities were provided by election officers who visited the disabled voters at their homes and encouraged them to vote.

The Election Observer has also given directions to election personnel to help disabled voters on wheelchairs and using crutches. As many as 20 polling stations in West Garo Hills were provided with accessible equipment for disabled voters.

Senior citizens were also given special attention at the North Tura constituency.

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