Long term depression leads to changes in brain

A recent study has found out that long term depression leads to changes in the human brain. Over the years, various studies have found out that depression has an effect on the health of a person. This new study has confirmed how it will have a deep impact on the human brain. The research was conducted by Centre for Addiction and Mental Health under Dr. Jeff Mayer.

The human brain clearly changes a lot when a person is depressed for a long period of time. This leads to brain inflammation. Depression is not a degenerative brain disease. The constant depression in a person will lead to various problems inside the brain.

Meyer’s team conducted this experiment on 25 people who have been suffering from depression for the past 10 years, 25 people with less than 10 years of depression, and a group who had no depression at all.

The study has been published online in ‘The Lancet Psychiatry’.

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