Delhi High Court tells government not to purchase standard floor buses

The Delhi High Court has ordered the Delhi government not to go ahead with the purchase of standard floor buses for the time being.

The court said that buying of standard floor buses is a violation of the fundamental rights of disabled people.

In standard buses, it becomes difficult for people with disabilities to get on and off, as the steps are at a higher level.

The court gave the order in response to a PIL filed by Nipun Malhotra, CEO of Nipman Foundation, who has a locomotor disability.

The PIL was filed to challenge the decision of the Delhi government to purchase 2,000 standard-floor buses at a cost of Rs 300 crore.

The court also took the assistance of an orthopedic surgeon to understand the difficulties faced by disabled people while travelling on buses.

The court has asked the Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) to design a program for training and sensitizing its staff, particularly drivers, to the needs of disabled people.

The training will be so that the staff understands the needs of disabled people.

DTC drivers often stop or park buses in the middle of the road, making it difficult for disabled people to reach the vehicles.

The court will hear the case next on 19 March.

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