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PlexTalk device is helping blind students in Gujarat prepare for board exams better

With the exam season coming closer, blind and low vision students of Class 10 in Surat in Gujarat are turning to PlexTalk for help. This is a device that has been developed especially for blind students.

PlexTalk is a device that works on audio principles. It reads out audiobooks to blind and low vision students. This helps reduce the large amounts of time they spend on preparing for exams.

PlexTalk also has pre-installed audiobooks. Blind students say the device is helping them in a big way in preparing for the exams. They feel more confident about doing well in their papers.

Students say that preparations have become easier with PlexTalk. They can listen to the audiobooks at any time, or even record an entire book.

PlexTalk has an extensive storage capacity. This means blind and low vision students can save many books at the same time, without running out of storage space.

The device comes with a 16 to 32 GB internal memory. It also has a provision for an external memory card to be installed for superior memory capacity.

PlexTalk reads books in both Hindi and English.

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