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CBSE announces more concessions for students with disabilities

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a new set of rules and guidelines regarding students with disabilities who are appearing for the board exams this year.

The guidelines have been sent out to the principals and heads of institutions of all CBSE-affiliated schools in India.

In a recent meeting held by the Examination Committee of the CBSE, it was decided to allow for additional concessions and facilities for Candidates with Special Needs (CWSN) Category.

These facilities will become effective from the examination year 2018 and onwards.

Some of the main concessions are:

  1. Students with disabilities will be allowed to use computers or laptops while giving exams. This option will be made available as per the actual needs and skills of the student with disabilities.

- The computer will not have an internet connection and will be blank of all data.

- Students with disabilities will have to submit a certificate stating the requirement of the computer. They also have to give a letter of recommendation from a registered medical practitioner or qualified psychological consultant.

- Print-outs of the answers written by the candidate using the computer will be arranged for by the Centre Superintendent.

- Every page printed out will have signatures of the examiners, computer teacher, and will mention details like the total number of pages, the roll number, the subject code, and the centre code etc. on the top cover page.

  1. For disabled students, who do not wish to use a scribe or writer, a reader may be provided.

- The reader will only be present to read the question paper.

- For a reader to be made available, the student with disabilities will have to make a request through the principal with a letter of recommendation from a registered medical practitioner or authorized psychologist.

- Such cases will be referred to the CBSE by the school principal and permission may be given on merit basis.

- Disabled students who use a reader will not be allowed to use a scribe.

  1. Further a 50% relaxation in attendance will also be provided to students with disabilities, who have not been able to attend the school for the prescribed days.

- These cases will be recommended by the principal of the school with attendance details of the disabled student. A certificate will also be required from the registered medical practitioner or authorized psychologist.

- For disabled students with a less than 50% attendance, the request will be sent for consideration to the CBSE.

The request will need to be submitted along with supporting documents.

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