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Adults with autism get trained for jobs on film sets by this British company

An organisation based in the United Kingdom has started a program designed to find jobs on film sets for high-functioning adults with autism.

The name of the program is Reel People. The company behind the program is Lifton Institute for Media Arts & Sciences (LMS). The idea of starting a training program for adults with autism came about after the head of LMS, Jimmy Lifton, noticed their work ethic qualities. He found that they had focus, determination, attention to detail and persistence.

The Reel People program emphasizes socialized teamwork skills. The adults with autism here don't work in isolation like many other traditional training programs. They learn to work as members of a team. They are able to multi-task and are flexible, which is usually difficult for people on the autism spectrum.

Each session is fully hands-on, with trainees working on an extended schedule so they can fix their mistakes and walk away feeling confident.

Reel People offer training in camera, lighting, grip, hair and makeup, visual effects, sound, production management and other back end roles. The program is selective about who it admits. Candidates are interviewed carefully to make sure they have a passion for the entertainment industry and are cut out for it.

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