Intermediate exam centres in Telangana fail in terms of facilities for students with disabilities

The Telangana government had promised that students with disabilities would face no hassles while appearing for their intermediate exams. Those were just empty words after all.

Students with disabilities in Telangana say they faced problems from the very start. To begin with, they had a hard time trying to figure out which exam hall to go to. Once they got there, there were no facilities to get to the room. They had to climb stairs, which was a challenge to the students with physical disabilities.

At the exam hall in Hatyanagar Government College, students with disabilities had to take the help of other students to get to the exam hall.

At a college in S.R. Nagar, some students with disabilities ended up missing their exams after they reached the center late. They faced difficulty finding their exam halls.

The Telangana Education Minister, Kadiyam Srihari, had given directions regarding facilities for disabled students before the exams. Different education departments in the state had been instructed to coordinate well to enable students with disabilities to take their exams smoothly.

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