Malayalam magazine’s breastfeeding campaign raises controversy

A Malayalam magazine for women is currently in news in Kerala due to its controversial front cover.

The latest edition of the Grihalakshmi magazine shows a woman looking at the reader with a smile on her lips while breastfeeding a baby.

The magazine also carries a piece about the challenges faced by women while breastfeeding in public places.

The aim of the cover was to start a campaign and create awareness.

However, instead of raising the questions about the difficulties faced by new mothers, all the wrong questions are being asked.

The magazine is being accused of using a model breastfeeding on the front cover for the sake of marketing. Some have criticized the exposing of the breasts as the woman feeds the baby.

While others are upset because the model is looking at the camera and not the baby.

Grihalakshmi was only trying to get the conversation started on the topic as breastfeeding is a natural process and nothing to be ashamed of.

This again highlights the trait of our society, where men don’t mind looking at women’s breast while objectifying them.

But it becomes offensive if a mother is trying to feed her hungry child.

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