Special camp to be held for people with disabilities in Coimbatore

The Department of People with Disabilities in Coimbatore district will organize a special screening camp this year to address the problems faced by the disabled people living in the district.

The camp will be organized in the summer months. It will include all the different regions that come under the district of Coimbatore.

There are many problems being faced by the disabled people living in this area. Over 20% of the disabled population here is yet to get identification cards. These cards are important as it entitles them to benefits from the Tamil Nadu government.

A survey done in one region alone showed that around 350 people with disabilities are yet to get ID cards.

Officials from various government departments will take part in this special camp. It will be a platform for people with disabilities to talk about their grievances at one place. They will not have to move around from one government office to another. They can also meet officials directly to get an answer to their problems.

More than 9,000 disabled people above the age of 18 years are getting their pensions from the government through the revenue department. Five thousand people are getting benefits from the department of people with disabilities.

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