Most parents do not get kids screened for hearing loss, says study

A recent study claims that around 5 to 6 newborn babies in every 1,000 have some kind of hearing defect.

The study was conducted by Cochlear India.

The study says parents show a lack of initiative in getting their children's hearing checked. This leads to lifelong hearing loss.

It was found that although many parents can sense the existence of a hearing problem in their child, they do not seek treatment.

Experts say that it is vital to detect hearing related problems at an early age and get them treated. Hearing is related to speech development in a child.

The speech or communication of children is greatly impacted by sounds around them.

The study surveyed a group of parents, based on which data was analyzed.

It was found that 84.1% parents knew that children should be tested for hearing loss. They also realized the child needed medical help at birth.

However, only 38.9 % parents took their children for screening and tests.

Most mothers are unaware that children born with hearing loss can hear again.

This highlights the need for awareness to be created regarding hearing test and cochlear screening.

Parents should be more alert in detecting hearing disorders in children.

Timely detection and help can help thousands of children to hear again and communicate.

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