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Disabled students in Coimbatore have teachers as scribes

Several disabled students appeared for their class 12 board exams in Coimbatore this week.

The disabled students were able to give the papers with ease with the help of scribes or exam writers.

Around 40 disabled students from Coimbatore city are appearing for the class 12 board exam this year.

They are getting a great help from teachers, who act as scribes.

These disabled students include those with vision-related disabilities and students with dyslexia.

Earlier, there was a rule that did not allow teachers to act as scribes for the subjects that they taught.

However, the rule has been changed. This was after it was realized that for exams of subjects like physics and accountancy, scribes need to know the symbols well.

The scribes for the board exams have been appointed by the education department.

The exam writers are being paid the same as examiners

Scribes are used by blind students and those with low vision or dyslexia to write their exams.

A scribe reads out the question for the student from the question paper.

The student then dictates the answer which is written down by the writer.

The option of using a scribe makes it convenient for blind students to appear for their exams.

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