Little bit of anxiety is good for the brain, says study

A little bit of anxiety is actually a good thing!

According to a new study published in the journal Brain Sciences, anxiety can help a person remember things better.

On the other hand, too much anxiety will affect the brain cells of a person. This will lead to them remembering things in a negative light. This can affect their mental health.

Too much anxiety tends to make people withdraw from their surroundings. They think about situations negatively.

The findings are based on a study done on 80 students of psychology. Their levels of everyday anxiety were measured on a scale of 'low' and 'high'.

The study also says that when a person is anxious, he or she becomes more vulnerable to negative thoughts.

However, there are times when anxiety does more good. This includes events like a meeting, one's own wedding, and official events. This is better than not being anxious at all.

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