Look out for these signs of hearing loss

Loss of hearing can affect any person at any age. There are physical and environmental factors that can cause loss of hearing in people.

It is important to identify loss of hearing. Here are some signs that indicate hearing loss.

  1. Listening to TV or radio at a very high volume is a sign that your hearing power has changed.

  2. Not being able to hear conversations that people are having around you.

  3. Hearing unclear sounds or not being able to hear noise in the background.

  4. Not being able to hear the doorbell or getting missed calls on your phone often.

  5. Getting irritated when someone talks about your hearing issues.

  6. Isolating yourself from the social circle as people start pointing out your loss of hearing.

Hearing loss can be caused due to exposure to very loud noise, birth defects, inner ear disease, middle ear disease, some medications, head injuries, or ageing.

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