More students in Kerala turn to helplines to cope with exam stress

With CBSE and state board exams starting this month, students are going through some anxious moments.

Counselling centres have started helplines for students in Kerala. They are receiving a lot of calls because students find it hard to cope with the exam tension.

Nirish Antony, coordinator of Childline in Ernakulam District, says that parents must be supportive of students during exam time. Students are more worried about how their parents will react to their results. There have been incidents where students have run away from their homes because of anxiety and stress. That is where counselling services come to the rescue.

Students can talk to the specialists at these numbers and get some relief.

The Institute of Mental Health & Neurosciences (IMHANS) has been counselling students this year. The staff here says they have been receiving the most number of calls from students in Ernakulam district.

1098 is the Childline number that operates from Chennai. Users can also reach IMHANS at 8156830510.

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