Ex-Australian cricketer Brett Lee pushes for compulsory hearing test for newborns in India

Former Australian cricketer Brett Lee has said that hearing checks of newborn babies in India should be made compulsory.

Brett Lee is the Global Hearing Ambassador with international implantable hearing aid company, Cochlear.

Lee pointed out that 60% cases of hearing loss in children can be prevented, if detected at an early stage.

Data from World Health Organisation, (WHO), states that there are around 360 million people in the world that have hearing problems.

60% of these cases could have been treated if they were diagnosed in childhood.

Lee became a part of the awareness campaign on hearing loss three years ago.

This is after his son suffered from temporary loss of hearing in an accident. This had a major impact on Lee.

In India, most parents take their children to a specialist only after the age of five years. Some even later.

This delays the detection of hearing defects and delays treatment.

It is vital that hearing tests are done as early as possible, preferably right after the birth.

Loss of hearing also affects the development of speech in a child.

Parents should get their children screened at an early age for hearing-related problems.

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