You can delete a WhatsApp message for up to 1 hour

WhatsApp has updated a recently introduced feature called ‘Delete for Everyone’.

The feature allows users to delete a message that they have sent.

The delete option was available for up to seven minutes of a message being sent.

As per the new update to the feature, users can now delete a sent message even after one hour.

Users can now delete a sent message within 4096 seconds, or 68 minutes and 16 seconds.

However, it is not available to everyone as yet.

Only WhatsApp Android beta testers can use the extended deadline for the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature for now.

The feature will soon be rolled out to all Android and iOS users.

Apart from this, a new feature will allow marking of a sent message.

If a user is forwarding a message, it will be marked as a forwarded message.

Whatsapp is also working on the development of a new Stickers feature that will be for Android users

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