Special glove helps to suppress tremors in Parkinson's patients

Researchers have developed a special glove that can help patients of Parkinson's disease.

The glove suppresses tremors, which can help people with Parkinson's disease live their lives independently.

As per data, there are around 10 million people with Parkinson's disease in the world.

The tremors caused by the disease make it challenging for patients to use their hands efficiently.

People with Parkinson's disease find it difficult to perform everyday activities, like eating, drinking, and putting on clothes.

The glove has been designed to identify the difference between tremors and intentional hand movements.

The glove is able to suppress the tremor part of the motion. This allows the hand to move steadily.

The glove uses a series of motors, sensors and software to understand the tremors. It has been created using 3D technology.

Researchers are waiting for some formal approvals before testing.

They are hopeful that the glove will soon make it to the market.

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