Survey done in Andhra Pradesh district to identify children with disabilities

Early identification of disabilities is important for effective care. There is growing awareness about this in India. Recently, a survey was conducted in Srikakulam in the state of Andhra Pradesh to identify children with physical and mental disabilities.

The aim is to identify these children and help them under various government schemes.

Staff members of the Rajiv Vidya Mission (RVM) conducted this survey in Srikakulam. Children between 6 to 18 years were part of the survey. 38 divisions of the district were surveyed by 300 staff members.

The survey found out that there are approximately 7,844 children with physical and mental disabilities across the district. Most of these children are being educated inside their homes. Based on the survey, a report will be prepared and sent to the government by RVM officials.

The District Coordinator for Inclusive Education A. Sanjivi Rao said that the survey was done to understand if these children were getting government benefits. Based on this, a decision will be taken to increase the benefits provided to these children.

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