Dogs help improve mental health of children with disabilities, says this study from Amritsar

Dogs are man's best friends. That is something we all know. Now a study says that having a dog even helps boost the mental health of children with disabilities, like autism and cerebral palsy.

This is a study done in Amritsar. It shows how dogs improve the psychosocial abilities of children with learning disabilities.

Dogs help develop many skills

The study looked at 15 children. Their parents were persuaded to keep a pet dog. The study claims that after a dog entered the lives of these children with disabilities, their mental development increased.

They started to show improvements in interpersonal relations, psychological issues, and psychosocial effects as well. Out of these 15 children, 12 showed amazing improvement in communication skills. They looked happier, and wanted to engage more in activities too.

The parents of these children were also interviewed to find out about how their children's behavior patterns improved after bringing a pet dog home.

This shows that Animal-Assisted Activities or Animal-Assisted Therapy programs are a blessing for children with disabilities and their parents.

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