Dick Litwin, the man behind some remarkable eye care initiatives in India

Dr Dick Litwin, an American eye specialist, and his wife Judith, are behind some remarkable initiatives for eye care in India. Dr Litwin and his wife have been working in this aspect in India for the last three decades. This is due to his lifelong association with Seva Foundation, an organization based in California. The Litwins have partnered with many NGOs and hospitals in India that are working in the field of eye care.

One of them is the Aravind Eye Care. This is one of the world's largest eye care hospitals. The hospital has treated five million patients since its launch. It has performed over four lakh surgeries and laser procedures between 2016 and 2017.

Aravind Eye Care is working with the help of the Litwins to help people who face problems with their sight. They want to offer the best treatment and create awareness. Dr Litwin uses the practices and methods followed in India in other countries too.

This team is determined to build greater awareness about vision care across India.

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