Medical technology company Medtronic commits to providing 10 million poor with quality ear care

Medtronic, which is a medical technology company, has committed to providing ear care to 10 million poor people in India by 2025. This will be done through its Indian subsidiary.

The Indian subsidiary is India Medtronic Private Limited. It has started an innovative ear care program, called Shruti.

Nearly 80% of hearing loss is preventable. But many people lack awareness and access to quality, affordable ear care.

The Medtronic ear screening kit is designed in Bengaluru and manufactured in Chennai.

The program 'Shruti' uses information technology to reduce the costs. It was launched in 2013 to provide low-cost ear care. This includes awareness, screening, diagnosis and low-cost treatment to the poor in urban and rural areas.

The program 'Shruti' has a presence in 25 hospitals across 18 cities in India and in Dhaka in Bangladesh. It runs through a network of community health workers.

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