Son thanks Sainsbury's supermarket for helping mom with Alzheimer's disease

Doron Salomon, from the United Kingdom, has taken to social media to say a big thank you to leading supermarket chain Sainsbury's. This is because Sainsbury's is helping his mother, who has Alzheimer's disease.

Salomon’s mother used to work at the supermarket. The management continued to employ her even as the symptoms got worse.

In a tweet, Salomon thanked the supermarket for helping his mother remain in her job.

This gesture meant a lot to Mrs Salomon, who loved loved working at the Sainsbury's store.

The Sainsbury's management also made sure that Mrs Salomon was given a job that suited her medical condition and skills.

Alzheimer's disease is a brain-related disorder. It affects the memory and reasoning abilities.

People with Alzheimer's disease become very forgetful. They need a lot of care and support.

Even when Mrs Salomon could not remember her duties, the store ensured she had constant support. The job helped her keep to a daily routine.

She had something to look forward to every day. She left the job last week after working at the store for five years.

Her son said in his tweet that Sainsbury's showed compassion on a human level and made his mother happy.

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