Libraries in Singapore will teach digital skills to the elderly

Libraries in Singapore now have a new role. They will be used as centers for people to learn digital skills, These are especially targeted for the elderly.

Many digital readiness and inclusion initiatives have been announced by the government of Singapore under a new program. It is called Seniors Tech and Read Service. The program has a specific focus on the elderly.

There are a significant number of senior citizens in Singapore. People of 50 years and above are using the Internet more than before. However, 60% of elderly of the age of 60 years and above are not using the Internet at all.

This new initiative to teach digital skills to the elderly was first rolled out at the Bedok Public Library in October 2017. The National Library Board (NLB) also offers a program called TechShare. This is a tech showcase platform for senior citizens to try current and upcoming technology.

TechShare is a tech playground with robots, wearable smart home technologies and cashless machines and software.

These facilities will be open to people aged 40 years and above. There will be volunteers providing one-on-one assistance with their mobile devices such as smartphones.

Until now, 10 sessions have been organized. Over 600 senior citizens have been reached out to.

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