Well known Bollywood scriptwriter Apurva Asrani says he has Bell's Palsy

Popular Bollywood scriptwriter Apurva Asrani, who wrote the films Aligarh, Shahid, and Simran, has said that he has Bell's Palsy. This is a type of facial paralysis, that makes it difficult to control the muscles on the affected side.

In a Facebook post, 39-year-old Asrani has said that he has been "unable to smile" for two months now.

Asrani said he woke up with the right side of his face completely paralyzed. He thought he had suffered a stroke and rushed to the hospital. His condition was diagnosed as Bell's Palsy. The facial nerve was inflamed, leading to a loss of muscle movement.

I have been unable to smile. To shut the right eye. To walk without falling, to eat or even drink water without spillage. My face drooped to one side, one eye wide and unblinking, and my mouth twisted. I realised how blessed I had been to be able to smile - Apurva Asrani, Scriptwriter

Asrani said that he had been under a lot of stress, which could be a major reason for the condition. After a terrible month, he says he is now feeling a little better. His condition was accompanied by severe vertigo. This made it hard for him to stand without falling over.

This condition is reversible, but it could take weeks, months or even years in some cases. ... After taking anti-virals, steroids and doing weeks of physiotherapy and acupuncture, there was still no thaw. One senior neurologist told me to be prepared that if there was nerve damage, I might never recover from this. - Apurva Asrani, Scriptwriter

Asrani said that he is scared, but also hopeful. He has shared a few pictures from various stages of the illness.

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