Solo bike rider from Bihar on a journey to empower blind people

Saif Ahmad Khan, a biker from Patna, is currently on a mission to spread awareness about people who are blind.

Saif has started a solo journey on his bike across India.

He started from Delhi on 21 January 2018 and has covered 2,300 km so far. He has passed through Agra, Lucknow, and Bihar. He wants to cover more cities.

The aim of this one-man journey is to sensitize people about vision disabilities. His riding campaign ‘Ride for Netraheen’, literally means to ‘ride for the blind’.

Saif has also founded a NGO called the ‘Save The Quest’. The NGO works to provide quality education to disabled and underprivileged children in Delhi and Bihar.

Saif was inspired to take up the cause of blind people when he saw the challenges that they faced.

He started the social work by creating a scribe bank. Saif found that it was a huge hurdle for blind students to get a writer for exams.

Saif said he was inspired to start the bike campaign as Bihar has a huge number of disabled people, who need to be empowered.

He is passionate about bike riding, as well as and working to empower people who are blind.

The campaign ‘Ride for Netraheen’ combines both. He is hopeful of making a change in society.

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