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Rejected by companies, blind engineer from Jaipur starts his own company

March 7, 2018

Prateek Aggarwal is a software engineer, who is blind.

He has all the right qualifications, but was not able to secure a job. He faced constant rejections.

Prateek was a brilliant student, who topped all his courses. Yet, none of that mattered when he started looking for a job. The fact that he was 100% blind was all that companies noticed.

He faced rejection in job interviews, time and again.

The rejections did not break his spirit. In fact, Prateek decided to start his own company.

His strong will led to the creation of Daedal Technovations. The company provides solutions to clients in more than 50 countries. It employs people on-site and remotely.

Prateek now provides jobs to others as an entrepreneur

He still remembers the several job opportunities he lost out on, just because of his disability. His sharp mind helped him clear written tests and do well at group discussions.

However, when it came to personal interviews with the Human Resources Department, he would always hear a big NO.

He believes that lack of awareness in employers, not the disability, is the main factor that acts as a barrier to employing a disabled person.

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