Kolkata’s 93-year-old antique collector finds much joy in the City of Joy

Sushil Kumar Chatterjee lives in Kolkata, a city with a rich heritage and texture. His love for the city and its heritage knows no limits.

93-year-old Chatterjee has an amazing collection of antiques inside his small house, which he prizes. He loves to travel, explore, and collect these treasures from across the world. There are thousands of these antiques at his home.

Lovingly called Nakku Babu by his near and dear ones, Mr. Chatterjee lives in North Kolkata. His passion for antiques began early, when he was just 10 years old.

A graduate from the prestigious Scottish Church College in Kolkata, Mr. Chatterjee has met and interacted with great poets, writers, and actors of the past.

Mr. Chatterjee believes there is a cosmic power between him and the antiques that he collects.

Among his antiques, is an 18th century calling bell that was made in England, a Swiss stopwatch from 1930, a 200-year-old trumpet, and 3,000 music records.

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