Private senior citizen homes in Chennai to be monitored by Tamil Nadu government

The Tamil Nadu government will soon monitor privately run homes for the elderly in Chennai closely. Government officials suspect that none of the homes for the elderly follow government policies.

Most homes for the elderly in the city are not registered with the District Social Welfare Office either. This is against the law. Officials are planning to take action against homes for the elderly that are found violating government norms.

This is after a senior citizen, 82-year-old S Krishnamurthy, filed a public interest litigation. He filed a case to ensure that there was greater monitoring of homes for the elderly.

In his petition, Krishnamurthy says that most homes for the elderly are involved in real estate businesses. He also says that the motive behind setting them up is to make money, not to look after the elderly.

The state government says that there are laws to protect senior citizens. Greater monitoring will ensure these laws are observed.

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