Chennai designer Shalini Visakan designs clothes for people with disabilities

Shalini Visakan is the new talk of the town in Chennai. Her clothing line Suvastra Designs caters only to people with disabilities. What sets this fashion designer apart from the rest is that she plans to only design adaptive clothing.

A graduate of the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology, Visakan started off by designing belts and other products for her husband, Visakan.

Visakan is a businessman, who uses a wheelchair. Her next client was an aunt, also a wheelchair user. For her, Shalini designed a sari with an attached blouse. It is fashioned such that it does not need a petticoat.

Shalini soon realized that her designs were very useful to people with disabilities. She decided to go one step further and come up with her line, Suvastra, exclusively for disabled people.

She soon plans to launch a store that sells only adaptive clothing. Shalini plans to keep the designs functional and affordable. The prices will start from Rs 1,000.

Shalini says she will only charge for the cloth material and stitching. Her aim is to encourage more designers to come up with a range of adaptive clothing.

She may well set a new trend in the Indian fashion scene!

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