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Elderly blind man designs hybrid cane that helps to maintain balance

March 10, 2018

Many blind people use a white cane to move around. The cane helps them to detect obstacles in their path.

However, the white cane is not as effective when it comes to maintaining balance. This can be dangerous.

93-year-old Marty Osman, who is blind, faced this difficulty. He was advised to walk using two canes. One was to maintain balance, while the other was the white cane.

Osman was not happy using two canes, as he could not hold anything else in his hands.

Osman, who used to be an engineer in the United States Army, decided to create a cane to address the problem. He called it a Fall Preventer.

The Fall Preventer is a hybrid between a support cane and a white stick. The stick has a 360-degree stabilizing rubber tip, that helps the user maintain balance.

Osman is all set to sell the cane through Amazon as he wants to help other elderly people.

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